9-4-17 5:35 PM EST: Labor Day! It's what tens of millions of people call, every day. They wake up early to various sounds "collectively" called, alarm clocks. Mine sings, "Good morning! Bud-um-pu-pow-bad-ump-pu-pu-pow! Bud-um-pu-pow-bad-ump-pu-pu-pow" Uh huh, I got your "pow" right over here on my night stand...also right beside my work chair.


The term "working folks" or "working people" kind of bugs me, in that, professional people who wear suits, ties, and heels, often work waaay more hours than others...and they can't do their jobs without really thinking about it all the while either. Consider doctors, engineers, and the like. Those trades are different than assemblers on a line, who repeat the same tasks over and over ad nauseum, add carpal tunnel syndrome, or add repetitious "tennis" elbow. Lives be on the line, but don't lives be on the line with welders, electricians, plumbers, etc? Theirs as well as countless others. Those on Wall Street though can pretty much kiss my ass...that is, if the price is right.

As Mr Warp has previously pointed out, Labor Day began as a rather Marxist holiday. Here in America though, it isn't widely seen like that. We either stay home and barbecue on our grills out back, or go on in to work and make twice or so the money we normally make. Mrs Brew did that today.

But I agree with Mike Rowe in his testimony before Congress. Congress, those people who wear ties and wingtips, but don't do much other than stymie opportunity for the rest of us, while Fed agencies kill off whatever is left.

And speaking of the left, who used to "champion" the non-tie-wearing working man...their stated and vaunted policies further damage the working potential of every man and woman, regardless of what he-she is wearing, unless per chance, his pants be a dress and there be polls near by.

Anyway, today is Labor Day, and I had a wonderful, ridiculously long, nap today. In fact, was horrified at what the clock said when I woke up on my own without it's aid. It's been nippy, rainy, and drizzly all day here today, and we will not be grilling anything outside. Did that yesterday. We do, however, have lots of leftovers, which I will henceforth call, rightovers, because pretty much all things left, nauseate.

Do you see the picture I've included on the main page and "right" here within for this thread? Guess where that came from? I'll give you one guess, and even that one doesn't count. It came from Loop d' loop, and all who read this love them some Loop d' loop. Iffin' they don't, they need to go somewhere else before I rip their heads clean off and jump down their throats...with my heavy duty work/snow-walkin' booooooots on :-) ♥




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