9-1-17 7:00 PM EST: A smorgasbord, cornucopia, banquet table. Superstores replete with delights. Toys, sportsgear, clothing for 4 seasons, tastes for all tongues. Widgets and gadgets of all shapes for their tasks. You know, things brought in from copious gatherings without.


Born of land, sky and sea...were we not offered or given more than all that we need?

We can drink in a sunrise with foreshadowing displays. Have our fill of some vista, then digest it for days...till we must have much more. Tinker with trees, and build all sorts of things. Seed forests for later...though they already do.


Wear some pants from some plants that bloom fluffy and white. Feel the warmth of some sweater, from some 4-legged baaa...humbug? Not at all.

Drink the milk from a mooo. Have a tender steak too. Leave the ground, soar with clouds, with wings somebody made.


Be a bird for a while, then land and lay down. Roll down a green hill. Heck, stay down for now. Looking up as you consider whites, greys and blue. Up, ever up still amazed at Sky's hue. Look out and around. Check that stereo sound.

Breezes and blows, tweets and new snows. Thunder and rainbows, and again, morning glows. Smiles and laughs from your favorite. Hugs and love from the same. Twilight, moonlight, cool white LED? Sunlight and starlight, He made all that for weeeeeee! But I can see what you share, as you share what you see. 


I'll play songs about some of those things I hold dear. You can play about yours...go ahead, play 'em here!


"What did he say? Him say..." That's from "Go Go Gophers"! From back in the day, when kids were Men! :-)

Rhyme? Reason? You're doing just fine.

Ahhh, ultimately...here we go.


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