8-31-17 9:42 AM EST: Good morning on this last day of August, friends. Am pretty sure there are only 31 of them. Wanted to catch the sunrise over Lake Huron's Thunder Bay today and was able to drive Trucky. Saw my old sunrise walking buddy out there too. He walks down the long walkway for exercise and to see the sunrise most days, even when it's cccold.

I guess it was about 15 minutes before sunrise when the scene across the water looked like this. That's some sort of tugboat out there which went out a little ways then came right back into port. I think he was checking on a buoy or something. I like how the clouds were quite blue at this particular time with the pink edging it's way on in.

Alpena8 31 17c


Alpena8 31 17h

Let's zoom in on some of that pink and blue out there on the horizon as God works with his paints.

Alpena8 31 17d

Hey! Here comes Sunny! The beginning of August's last day.

Alpena8 31 17e

Let's sit rght here, have a chat, and just enjoy it for a minute. The temperature is 56F. Today's high is only supposed to reach 62F or so.

Alpena8 31 17f

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24 KJV)

Alpena8 31 17g

Catch the sights and sounds below. You can go full screen and take a screen shot anywhere in this video for yourself if you want too.


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