8-27-17 6 PM EST: Not sure if that title came out right. Maybe it'll be OK. Bear and bare with me :-)

Hello evening campers! I went into town today with Cammy the camera. I knew there was supposed to be a small car show across from Saint Bernard Catholic Church and there was...Rrrruff...so I took some pictures. Saint Bernard?! Huh?

Alpena8 27 17L

I know! That matches our PolitiBrew colors quite well.

Went all the way down to the bay too and took a video. That will be included as well. It were windy and rough. If you don't like this 'rough', please refer to the previous one :-)

Alpena8 27 17a

Would you like to include some stuff? Please do. Info, personal updates, anything really. This site isn't for me, it's for you. I keep it here because I really, really, like you. Ok, you make me feel good too.

Alpena8 27 17d

I love me some picture taking! Let's look at some cars.

Alpena8 27 17e

I actually want this next one. Need it too.

Alpena8 27 17f

I want this next one too, dagnabbit! Don't need it though. Had one very similar in HS. Was Navy Blue with white interior.

Alpena8 27 17g

Here is a slightly newer version of it.

Alpena8 27 17M


Alpena8 27 17h


Alpena8 27 17i


Alpena8 27 17j


Alpena8 27 17k


Alpena8 27 17N

I'm a freakin' professional photographer! Gonna tell the IRS this too next year if they don't already know, when I post a huge loss. I hate those MFers! Was that harsh? Good! 

Here's my video from today at the shore of the bay.



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