8-26-17 8:00 PM EST: Music has been with us a long time, and I don't mean as a website, but as a people. They came to America from many different countries. Some against their will into bondage. Some even volunteered themselves into bondage as indentured servants as a means of paying their way. But our music was English, Scottish, Irish, and African, among others.


Did you know the banjo began as an African indtrument? I saw that today in a video about the origins of American Folk Music. It was and is a combination of drum and strings. Am pretty sure it's included as one of those feaured below.


We've a background of lots of different music which is a combination of many other kinds which have combined and morphed. The Great American Melting Pot did that for us. We all came together back then so very nicely...but Democrats...Blues, Bluegrass, Appalachian Mountain Music, Folk, Folk Rock, Rock and Roll, Gospel, Christian Contemporary. It's all good. Even some jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and classical.


Would like to concentrate on some of our nation's musical roots tonight if you please, and how those roots moved along and adapted to modern Rock and Roll. Indie Folk is pretty big now too. But with it all, you've got your beat, the lyrics, the electric, and the acoustic, and I like it all.


Here's an old song. "The tune was written by Joseph Brackett (1797–1882) in 1848. Brackett, a lifelong resident of Maine, first joined the Shakers at Gorham, Maine, when his father's farm helped to form the nucleus of a new Shaker settlement." (Wiki)

I also wanted to included a couple of videos in a series about American Folk Music. These are #'s 5 and 6 in the series, 1-6.







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