8-6-17 6:07 PM EST: Seeing things that aren't really there. Not seeing things that really are. Sometimes we don't see things the way others do. That's a two way glass with views from both sides.


This picture is like that. I took it earlier today while at the park with Mrs Brew, our daughters, and grandkids. We saw them as they were, are, and snatched glimpses of how they'll be. That in itself motivates us to be...so we, for many years, can continue to see.

I chose this picture as the one for this thread after watching the video below, which Mrs Brew said made her cry. It got to me too.

Love is unique. You can't force someone to have, feel, or show it. You can't buy it or sell it, but you can give it away. You can earn it too. You can also share it...and no two people look at it the same.

Look at this short film, and say what you see or don't see.

I hope your Sunday has been blessed. After yesterday and today, I'm good for several more ♥


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