7-23-17 6:07 PM EST: If you've been coming here for any length of time, you'll recognize this piece of property here as part of my backyard, with woods behind it, between us and the Thunder Bay River, in Alpena County, Michigan.

Was looking out my bathroom window less than an hour ago and saw what looked like a buck to me...either that, or a doe with really tall ears. I got my camera and took this short video through the open window, but also through a tight mesh screen, otherwise it would be much clearer. However, you can definitely see that it is a strapping young buck with his little rack covered in velvet.

I was determined to get some still shots of this guy, because the video space on my memory card ran out right at the moment the video above stopped. Still had plenty of still shot space left, so I snuck quietly out the kitchen door and went around the front of the garage to be able to see back there, and hopefully without spookin' 'em. Dat ain't easy!

Let's see what I was able to capture for you. We see multiple doe all the time, but it is rather rare to see a buck in our yard. Have only had that happen a handful of times. Here today, I was able to snap a buck and two doe together.

Deer7 23 17a

You can see the velvet on his rackmabob pretty clearly in some of these.

Deer7 23 17c


Deer7 23 17d

Uh oh, he sees me, just as one of the doe trots into the picture. He's looking right into my soul. I must have breathed or something :-)

Deer7 23 17e

Oh crap! He's got my number for sure now as that doe reaches up and snags a juicy leaf!

Deer7 23 17f

For one brief moment, Bucky still staring me down, I caught all three of them. One of the doe sees me now too. The jig's up!

Deer7 23 17g

And right after both doe bolt, there he goes, back into the woods.

Deer7 23 17h

Dagnabbit! What a messed up time to run out of video space! Could've had 3 minutes or so of great HD video here without a screen intervening. Oh well, am happy to get what I got.

The rain had subsided just a little while before, and the sun began peeking through the clouds. Those big green low level leaves must've been tasty. Bucky chowed a few of those. Those are the same ones I took a picture of a few weeks ago with my hand right beside one of them to show their relative size. It's also the same tree I got my drone caught in recently :-)




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