7-17-17 5:14 PM EST: Good afternoon, friends! Have been wanting to post this thread for a couple hours already but kept getting sidetracked. It's new.


There are so many things I like about Mark Steyn, but aside from his eloquence, ability to articulate on the fly and off the cuff, with humor and added entertainment value, I really like that he follows politics all over the world and brings that in a clear, cogent, and concise way.

Were he a song on the old American Bandstand program, and Dick Clark were asking me about said song, I'd have to repeat ye olde mantra that it "has a good beat and is easy to dance to" :-)

This particular monologue of his is about the changing demographics of Europe and so much more of what used to be termed and taught "Western Civilization", which seems to be off limits now by academia nuts, which are just slightly different than macademia nuts, I guess.

Steyn brings some very interesting additions to this discussion which you probably don't already know, unless you're waaaaaaay more geeky than I think you are. Check it out if you please.

It's a prerequisite to whatever it is your were fixin' to do :-)


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