7-16-17 6:20 PM EST: Went downtown earlier this afternoon. The annual Brown Trout Festival is underway once again. The fish are weighed in and points awarded at the marina where there are several concession stands and a big beer tent. I had one Brew and Mrs Brew had two. She likes beer more than I do :-)


Over by the marina is the park where outdoor concerts are held and where I go to take pictures quite often. Art in the Park was set up there. Row after row of Michigan artists displaying and selling their unique wares. I had to sit down several times to keep my sciatic troubled leg from bursting into flames, and it was very nice having my bestest longtime gal with me. This November will mark 30 years. Time is a quick little camper isn't it?

I also have two videos that Loopy took yesterday in California at Shaver Lake. You can see people out in their various water crafts beating the heat and enjoying the area.

So, still pictures from me, and two videos from Loop d' loop. Yay!

I hope Las sees the following picture. He wrote an interesting and very informative piece for us last year about Adirondack Chairs, it was really good too. Anyway, here is a giant one. If I were to sit in it, my feet wouldn't even stick out over the the edge of it.


People come from miles around to Alpena during this festive time, and I believe the top prize for the biggest Brown Trout is $50K! That''ll provide some motivation, right? Most folks go about 20 miles out for those rascals. They catch a lot of very large lake trout too. Those are white-ish rather than brown. Lots of smaller prizes too.

Here are a couple of pictures of how the Art in the Park was set up. Several dozen vendors. Row after row of really cool stuff. Perhaps I can show some of those individual items before the week is out. I didn't want the vendors to think I was taking pictures to steal their ideas, ya' know, so avoided that today.






I believe the focus today was on Bass. Folks don't go out 20 miles for those. But here are some awesome bass boats with 250 HP outboard motors.




There are some very beautiful flowers planted around the marina area too. One of those is the first picture above. Let's look at some more of those bloomers.






Am pretty sure all of those flowers above are various lilies. Have no idea what these are.


And as mentioned above, our mutual friend, Loopy took a drive not too far from where she lives in California to Shaver Lake yesterday and took these two videos for us.


Now post whatever you'd like. It's an Open Thread!



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