7-14-17 8:00 PM EST: We've been moving through our second day in a row of temps that have stayed below 65F. Yesterday the high was about 61F and was rainy all day. Today was overcast too and just a little misty.


Meanwhile folks not too far south of here are experiencing major heat and humidity in the 90's, while some in the West and Southwest are still dealing with 100F+ temps. We never have those, but tomorrow should climb to 83F or so and it looks like we'll see the sun again too. Maybe even here in just a little while as I write this in the late afternoon and notice the grey sky brightening a bit.


We all have our comfort zones, and those zones include, particular places, shoes, pants, hats, weather, rooms, chairs, and outdoor activitities. We have comfort music too. Some like it hard, fast, and big time electric with a driving beat. Others prefer softer acoustic sounds. There are show tunes, snow tunes, even don your earphones and groan tunes. Classical tunes. Gospel tunes. There are times and places for all of those.


This is the kind of music I prefer when reading. This is the kind I like while cleaning. When driving on road trips, music like this often finds me breaking the speed limit without even thinking about it. If I'm down, I like this. If I'm reminiscing, I like this...but by and large, no matter what I'm doing, where I'm going, or how I'm feeling...this is my favorite kind of music. See what I mean?


Keep in mind that the mood can precede the music or the music augment the mood. Which came first, the mood or the music? Sometimes one, and sometimes the other. They take turns and each affects the other whether fore or aft. The music changes your mood, and your mood changes the music. Feel free to change either of those this evening.





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