7-8-17 8:00 PM EST: Faster than a chambered bullet! More powerful than Eau de Cologne! Able to stay in the ground unless placed in a vase, your hair, or lapel! Disguised as mild-mannered reporters...of life, color, beauty...yet never changes clothes in phone booths...and that's not only because there are no longer phone booths.


But, man! Those things are super, and on occasion take flight, especially in hurricanes, tornados...or if you just pick one and phwing it.


They also take flight in paintings, photos, poems, and music. Songs with flowers in titles, flowers in lyrics, about girls with flowery names and fragrant personas. Floweronas, really...with strings, voice, percussion...even horns and thorns that can put and tear your eyes, ears, and heart out.


Here's part of a song lyric that talks about flowers: "...And the graceful way of flowers in the wind. For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers..."

This song has a Rose in it and appeared in "The Music Man". However, this particular rendition is from 1964 with Andy Williams and The Osmond Brothers. You might be able to guess who the little girl is that joins them in the middle of the song even before seeing her.

This one also contains a Rose...a thorn too.

And this one speaks of fresh cut flowers.

This theme might be challenging as you consider titles, names, and lyrics. If there's anything flower, anywhere in it, play it. If you run out of flowers and need expansion into plants in general, that's cool too. It's an Open Thread.



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