7-4-17 8:45 PM EST: Ok, Just got back from our all day in town thingamabob, and not only "saw" the burning bush of Moses in Sinai, but felt it in my leg throughout, except for those fortuitous places where me and my bestest Cutie Beauty friend were miraculously able to find some cushiony chars within the realms of very nice people to serve us that which we craved: Namely, comfort, rest, some snack, and decent drink. Did all of that, came home, took an hour's worth of nap, and now am desirous of sharing some of that, along with more from Loop d' loop!


Oh man, I've got a bunch of stuff. Will add much more in the comment section.




Here are some sand sculptures getting ready to be judged by The Alpena News.

July4 2017e


July 4 2017c

Here are two of my favorite old houses down by the bay.

July 4 2017a


July 4 2017b

This is a Loopy video from yesterday! I just now uploaded it! Girly's got it goin' on! Will post more of these and add them either up here or down there as the night wears on. Got a late start! I have a bunch of stuff from both she and me! :-)


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