7-2-17 9:07 AM EST: We're in the midst of a long 4th of July weekend, and isn't there always something about this that brings back so many wonderful memories?


Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July. Three holidays where I can truly say, I like everything about them. I mean, everything...and each one carries with it major pieces labeled, "Why I am alive". First, last, and all that good stuff in between. All of these celebratory times, and every single thing they contain and portray.

Blessings which sometimes seem just barely within the realms of belief. Miracles of salvation and freedom. Gifts given which so many receive, too few appreciate, and some still take for granted.

First, some tasty pictures.








Yummy! Ok, here's  some brand new Mark Levin from this morning.


Dan Bongino!

And now, crank it up! So many things to "love about a Sunday"! ♥


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