6-25-17 7:12 PM EST: Much more on and off rain today in Alpena, Michigan. Several small radar spots of green, yellow, and red passing through this area manifested themselves, and worked rather well for an intrepid camera-totin'guy with a pronounced limp of late.

Was listening to a motivational speech many years ago, and the story that comes to mind was about a painter whose name I can't recall right now, but a reporter was talking to him about the pain he endured while painting and why he put himself through it. He said this: "The pain passes, but the beauty remains."

Now I'm neither a painter and probably can't fathom the severe pain that some people endure from day to day, every day. But can I identify with what the painter said? Yes, at least a little. You'd have to feel it yourself to gauge and comment on it. I don't know. Can only feel my own.

So I went out again today into town, and it doesn't really matter where one goes in this area to find that beauty which remains once captured. The passing rain, clouds, sun, and pain, made for both cheerful and moody pictures, and all I had to do was aim and push that magic button a few times. That's just so cool to me.

Regarding Robin who graces the cover of this magazine thread...was trying to chat with him, cuz I'm nothing if not outgoing, and commented on that sharp beak, saying, "Hey! Be careful with that pointy shish kebab, you could put somebody's eye out with that thing!" Response? Nothin'!


That and the next few pictures were taken about 2 miles from home in town behind the credit union. The water is Thunder Bay River. The same one that runs behind our house, but further up from that cemetery I take pictures from quite often.




Many views seem mundane until you really take notice...as in life, it is often just a matter of how you see things and from which angle and vantage point. Nothing at all special about this next glance is there?


Ever feel like this when life's clouds roll in and not only threaten to rain on your preplanned parade, but waterlogs and turns it to mush? Sure you do. But look how peaceful the water is!

This might not fit right here to you, but for some reason still reminds me of an old Chinese proverb I heard one time that says: "The ox is slow, but the Earth is patient".


A heedless, headlesss, scarecrow in a skirt? Probably not. But the daisies ain't budgin' a bit.


By the way, are you believing how lush this place is come June? Been living here for 16 years and I still don't believe it.




Ok, this is the last one from behind the credit union, where I neither have credit, nor am a member.


Have caught some nice bass from this spot a few times. It's right beside the fairground where all kinds of stuff goes on year round, from snowmobile races, to 4-H farm thingamabobs, to concerts and spiked-tire motorcycle races on solid ice. Tractor and truck pull events too. That area is over to the left of this peaceful picture.


And all of a sudden darker clouds roll through again, creating a slightly different mood. Most of those are behind me...at least I hope they are.


And the following pictures? All taken within 200 feet of this same spot shown above, albeit a few minutes later.








So I went ahead and entered the fairgrounds, and what do I see? A dozen freakin' Canadians! Good grief! ♥


Another cloudburst rolled in too, but I limped over and under this really old, really tall, really thick evergreen whatchamacallit, flipped Trusty into video mode, and here's what happened. Only a few drops from all that made it to the lens of this Alpena snapper.

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