5-18-17 8:00 PM EST: Good evening! Rain and heat and tornadoes...Oh my! Have any of you experienced a lion, tiger, or bear? Wicked or good witches? Yellow brick roads or Munchkins? I saw some comments from a Tinman and TxBullFrog right here a little earlier. A new person or two too. Gonna try a little harder to get some Rshill7 YouTube folks over here.

It hit 84F here yesterday. Flukey for sure. Today it was in the low 70's with a few rain squalls and thunder storms. I did see a chipmunk and will show you that little rascal below.

The main video I want to present though is about John Sullivan who was famous in the latter 1800's as a bare knuckle boxer. I've been in a few of those when I was much younger...mainly around late elementary and middle school age. Did pretty well too, especially for a skinny little camper.


Was just wiry, quick as a mongoose, and rather ruthless once me ingrained Scottish-English dander was raised. Would always aim, early, often, and late, for all areas of the face. Never bothered going through that pushing and shoving routine. After a push or two, it was always, WHAM! As hard as I could, right in the mouth, nose, or eye, and sometimes, that was as far as it ever got.

After that, if things continued, the opponent would usually go wild, shocked, and crazy, which was much easier to counter with a few more well-aimed boney knuckle shots to the face. Am still a little amazed when I think back on some of those fights and how much larger those guys were than I.

This is an Open Thread! Somebody come in here and say Hi to Loopy, dagnabbit! Nobody's nicer than her! Am praying for some heartening hopeful good news from Mr Michael too about his Dad, as well as a tornado escape story from a TxBullFrog :-)

First, our resident chipmunk, whose name as you might predict, is Chippy! My Truck's name is Trucky. My boat's name was Boaty. Should probably start calling my Cutie Beauty, Wifey! Already call my Son, Sonny. He just turned 28!

Now, a fairly well-done story on the 19th century fighter, John Sullivan. Jesse James went to at least one of his fights. Bat Masterson too.




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