5-16-17 5:53 PM EST: I do. Regardless of what you think about Johnny Depp, you'll probably admit that he's created an iconic character in Captain Jack Sparrow. Keira Knightley is not in this one, they have another pretty girl this time, but you'll recognize some other characters who have returned.


It looks like part of it goes back to Jack Sparrow's younger days when the previous four time movie screen pirate captured everything this one particular guy owned, who appears to be a Spanish officer. Sparrow raided his ship, stole everything aboard, sank it, and sent him to Davy Jones' Locker.

In the series, as you might might know, old pirates never really die or fade away, they come back and reak havoc...when the moon is just right, if memory serves. I read not too long ago a quote from Johnny Depp saying that they pay him an insane amount of money to make these films. I also read that he spends an equally insane amount of money on his lifestyle.

Arrrgh! Here's an extended film trailer I found. It's supposed to open on Memorial Day and be a Summer blockbuster. I do find these movies entertaining.

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