5-16-17 9:07 AM EST: At least one chipmunk has emerged from his or her burrow so far this year after a very long Winter. Is it Chip in search of Dale? I don't think so, as this one is lacking some of those cartoon characteristics. Have no idea how polite this one is either.


Though you can't really see the screen in this short video, I'm filiming this through the same window where Mr and Mrs Robin were building their nest until something (I know not what) foreclosed on them. I think the window screen which the camera is focused beyond is causing the slight cloudy look the video has.

That white PVC pipe is part of a system we have in a our basement that assures it never floods down there. Every now and then it shoots out about 2-3 gallons of water. In the Spring it gets quite active. Perhaps I'll be able to get some video of that happening while Chippy is standing right there in front of the opening. That would be a very interesting one...entertaining too.

Note: You won't find this video on our YouTube channel because I uploaded it as "unlisted".


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