5-14-17 8:00 PM EST: Mrs Brew and I went to a little restaurant down near Lake Huron today and shared a specialized burger named after some knight. Sir Richard, I think. It had blue cheese and dried Michigan cherries on it. A very nice taste combination, along with some fried potatoes.

We also had two boiled eggs, which were completely covered in sausage then lightly deep fried. The sausage was like the mantle of the Earth, with boiled egg inner layers of white and yellow. It's an Olde English restaurant that rolls out the Irish too on Saint Patrick's Day.

Then we walked around down behind the cemetary along the Thunder Bay River. She had her camera, and I had mine. Here are her favorite six pictures which she took. There are several more that I really like.

This is a red squirrel with a white belly that looked right her as she snapped this one. We have grey and black squirrels here too, but red ones are the only ones who hang out all Winter. I like how the colors this squirrel is sportin' match some of the new leaves sprouting up in the foreground.


She caught this one of me while I was capturing some new yellow flowers. You can probably see those yellow flowers too.


See where the river splits and the tip of the peninsula? Two deer were browsing right there, and bolted back into hiding right after she got this shot.


Three or four Bald Eagles flew over us today, but Mrs Brew caught the only one. 


The following are Mrs Brew's two shots of those new yellow flowers.




The next batch contains some of the pictures I took. This first one features a feeder box, and someone keeps it filled all year long for the squirrels and birds that stay through Winter. I've seen both feeding right here at 10F or so.


It's dandelion season in North Michigan. We have a few of these in our yard too. The soil is quite sandy so close to the Thunder Bay River there at the back corner of the cemetary. This same river runs back behind our house too, but our soil is nothing like this.


In the full heat of Summer teens and families park down here, walk down the sand dune, and splash in the river below. The temp was around 57F when we were there today, but the sun was very nice. The shore is much further below than it appears from this pic.


Signs of Spring? Here are some.




This might be my favoritie of the ones I took today. Was standing in the shadows under and behind a pine tree. I like all the shades of green both before and after that bridge out there.






 So it's a Sunday Night Open Thread! The Sunday Mother's Day Open Thread still works too :-)


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