5-13-17 8:00 PM EST: As far as I've been able to deduce, there were only two people who ever existed that didn't have a Mother. I even know their names. Do you? Well, of course you do, even if you have to think about it for a second or three. One was a boy and the other a girl. Now that ain't sexist is it?


They do have some things in common with the rest of us, who do have, and have had, Mothers. They both came into this world buck naked, just like the rest of us. Only they never had to go through that awkward stage or the sixth grade. God did take them to school though didn't he? I guess you could call that, Eden University, until they were both expelled for gross misbehavior. After that it was the school of hard knocks, followed by pain and suffering.


Every person thereafter first saw the light after traveling through a woman's womb, and the vast majority of those living thingamamoms are called Mom, Mother, Mama/Momma, Mommy, or, uh...old lady? I would never call my Mom or wife old lady, unless I was just messin' with 'em, which I suppose could happen...theoretically. Not likely though :-)


I wonder how many popular or not so popular songs are out there which are either all about Mom, or have the word Mom, Momma, or Mother in them. There are probably some naughty songs with the word Mother in them, but get your mind out of the gutter, dagnabbit!


Of all the creatures that roam the Earth, Moms are the most special, and do indeed roam. Just think of all the places your Mom has been...and of all those places, you can bet a very high percentage of that place to place roaming was directly related to you.


As a matter of fact, the Mother of my children was roaming about the countryside today and on her buggy's radio heard about a new poll comprised only of Mothers who work outside the home. The question to them was this: What is your most important role? The answer from well over 90% of them? Being a Mother. I really like that, don't you?


Mrs Brew and I have this long-running thing where we throw the words, "Your mother..." back and forth. Here's what I mean and how we do that. Let's suppose we're both together at a store and Mrs Brew picks up an item, looks at the price tag, and says somethin' like, "Oh, that's really cheap!" I might respond by saying, "Your Mom's really cheap." Get it? Here's another Mother example. Suppose I'm trying on a pair of pants and say something like, "Wow, these are way too loose!" Mrs Brew might say, "Your Mom's way too loose."

Sometimes one of us will say something that sooo begs for a "Your Mother" response, that the other just looks back, trying hard not to laugh, while putting tongue in cheek to the point where that cheeky rascal is bulging. It's downright hilarious at times. But even more so is when our two daughters are together and say "Your Mother" things in response to one another, knowing darn well they have the same Mother. More funny still when their actual Mother is present. But probably the topper to the funny side of that, is when our daughters and son are all together with us, one of them utters a particularly conducive statement, and Mrs Brew responds with one of those "Your Mother" responses. I know...we're all weird. But we all love our Mothers very, very, much. Immensely grateful for them too.


I wrote a song for my Momma many years ago and part of it goes like this:

Diapers, diapers, pacifiers, baby pins
Were all she knew
Heating bottles, baby toddles, how they grew
Oh how they grew

For as long as I recall, she did it all
That's my Mom
That's my Mom
She is Love

So if you please...let's play some songs and tell some tales about our Moms, Mothers, and Motherhood in general. The ones who bore us, the ones we married, and the ones we raised, who then became Moms and subsequently had not only a day, but an entire weekend named after them. This one.

My favorite names are Dad, Daddy and Grandpa. Mrs Brew's favorite names are Mom, Mommy and Grandma ♥




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