5-12-17 8:00 PM EST: "When I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad."


The sound of music and it's accompanying words is often one of those "favorite things" that does the trick. It's a vehicle of varied sort. A boat, sports car, truck, motorcycle, or airplane. It's a station wagon pulling a trailer...and it's often a few different bicycles and at least one pogo stick. There are even times when it's a skateboard or little red wagon. It morphs from being a time machine to any and all of those for me.


It's a guitar, a set of drums, a piano, electric keyboard. A new set of lyrics that took inspired concentrated time to get just right. And "just right" is when those lyrics precisely convey what you were trying so hard to say...or the other writer, whoever it was, wanted to say. Raindrops4

How cool would it be to be a songwriter for a living? I've wanted to be one of those since I was a wee little camper. Tried several dozen times too. Thousands of hours and thousands of dollars, all deposited in a place called diary.


Some singer-performers wrote none of the songs they sang or performed. Some wrote all of them. Others just wrote and wrote, while so many singers portrayed their songs. "My Favorite Things" is such a song.


Ever heard Rodgers and Hammerstein sing a song? They sure turned them out though didn't they? Must've been one of their favorite things...and millions of people added so many of those to their favorite lists. I certainly did.


Did Elvis or Sinatra ever write a song? I can't say for sure. Can also not name one if they did. John Denver and James Taylor did. Don McLean, Harry Chapin, and Jim Croce did too, as did Dan Fogelberg and Neil Diamond. Carly Simon and Paul Simon. A number of the Beatles, and Eric Clapton. Many others as well...like Chris Rice in the Contemporary Christian genre.


Perhaps we could concentrate on singer songwriters from whatever genre. But you play what you feel like playing. Perhaps one of those things will be someone's favorite, and then they won't feel so bad. Those things can top off some present good-mood-happy too. Heck, just seeing and talking to you can do that.







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