4-20-17 11:47 AM EST: I found this to be quite interesting. It's a video uploaded yesterday by Mark Steyn in his series called Steyn Posts, as the picture herein depicts.

Steyn begins by talking about a story a few weeks old, and that is Trump's executive travel ban, delay, or whatever is the "proper" thing to call it, as well as how the Ninth Circuit ruled against it. Says he would no longer be surprised if one day soon some court ruled that the Constitution itself was unconstitutional. Try that imminently believable thought on for size. Then try to perish it.


The gist of this presentation seems to be this. The progressive's goal is to destroy that which remains of the existing "order", and by that he doesn't mean any executive order, but rather the social, traditional, cultural order of various western countries, including those of the U.S.

These progressives, he explains, do not really care what comes next or is built upon the rubble of the existing order...their overriding immediate goal is to get down to the rubble. Overturn every societal applecart. They'll concern themselves with what to build on/in the wastelands of that prenatal utopia upheaval, later. First things first and all that.

Somehow, with the confidence that so often accompanies ignorance and foolishness, that new build they'll regroup to rebuild, will be better for everyone, and I suppose all those referred to as "me and you" will be forced to agree with "them" as to how wonderful these new edifices, not quite yet in the final design stages, much less the working part of whatever function they imagine, will follow the form, and form the following.

They can't, dont, and won't see history. They focus on dismantling what we still have today, and place all their empty hangers in closets confidently labeled, tomorrow.


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