4-17-17 3:45 PM EST: Ahem! Mi, mi, mi..."Red and yellow, black and ________, they are precious in..." Screeech! Gonna have to stop ya right there, you, you, whatever you are. Diversity doesn't really mean diversity. Oh, you can still be white and straight so long as you despise your own palefacedness and privilege. You can also be a male lesbian, a gender confused horse's patootie, or a silk sal's ear made of polyester, so long as you walk the increasingly thin line of lefty thought. All that other diversity schtuff and schtick is null and void if your brain ain't "right"...or is right. Left is where it's at!


It's got to be left...at home...or thrown away completely. The university will issue you or your kid a new one should you choose to attend and pay for that privilege, especially if you're white privileged in our nation's schools of higher indoctrination.

Prager U has gone from one video per week to sometimes several. It used to be that they had a new one each Monday. Here's two of them. The above commentary relates to the first one. The second one is from a blind guy who was fortunate enough to be able to attend private schools because his parents could afford it. He's for school choice, so the student doesn't have to chase the money, but can choose to have the money chase him, her, or one of ninety-twelve other morphing gender identities. Ooops, there I go talking about the first video again.

Oh well, here are both of them.



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