4-8-17 8:00 PM EST: Most people want to be free. At least I think they do until I hear how some want things like Sharia Law, Kings, and Dictators. Socialism too. Just don't see the freedom in any of that for the individual, unless that individual is the dictator. It seems to some as if freedom be the increasing binding of others.


More rules, more dictates from the state. They actually spend much time advocating for chains, and somehow see those chains as friendly to them. They achieve a sort of personal release by silencing others, shouting them down, breaking things, and demanding more and more power and sustenance for their Big Brother.


People who think and act in those ways are not who I want to talk about. Want to talk about freedom and liberty, the unbinding of chains, fetters, and a myriad of other forced restraints.

Lots of songs have been written about freedom, releasing and being released, unchained, unbound, untied, uncaged, not being weighed down, speaking one's mind, personal flight, satisfaction, fulfillment. The yearning heart's cry for all the above.


Can you think of songs that express some of what I'm trying to say? I think you'll find them every bit as numerous as songs containing names, like we did last night. Letting go and being let go.


I let go with a song some years ago called, "It Feels Like This". Wrote it for Mrs Brew, but there's a small part in it where being a prisoner is a desired thing. Will quote some of it here, beginning at the bridge:

You cannot begin to see what you've done to me
And I can just begin to be what you see
Love has always taken charge of it's prisoners too
And neither ever have the need to be free

Cuz it feels like this
Love's blended chord
Your greatest wish
My just reward

All your tomorrows
All my sunsets
Love gives as good as it gets
Love gives as good as it gets

So, being a prisoner or "victim" of love has a very positive connotation. Being captured and held captive by love, a good thing. A paradox.

I recall these words too in a Christian song I wrote called, "Waiting For Him"

He walked on water
He calmed the sea
He walked into my heart
And captured me

Therefore, if the song expresses that desire to be free, spoken of further above, or that desire to be captured...post it, you "old ball and chain" :-)








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