3-19-17 7:30 PM EST: The gumshoe gurus at Weather.com say it's 35F in Alpena, Michigan right now, will only drop to 32F tonight. The temps climbed to about 42F earlier today, the sun was out, and aside from right at the shore of Lake Huron, the wind was quite mild.

I actually saw people walking about in shorts with no jackets in town today. Cut through a neighborhood of single family dwellings at one point and saw two teenage girls sitting on a front lawn wearing short shorts and tank tops doing each other's nails. As I say, the sun was warm and bright with very little accompanying wind. Makes 42F seem much warmer than a standard thermometer might suggest. A little warmth goes a long way up here.

Overcast days usually make for drab pictures, but bright sunny days like today bring magic, even to very late Winter scenes one day before Spring. On our first official Spring day, we're scheduled to top out at 52F. I fully expect folks to be strolling around buck naked, so should probably stay at home to avoid some of that, though no tellin' what my neighbors might do...especially those two sets in their 80's.

So with the sun shining bright, the sky brilliant blue, and the snow on the melt again, I grabbed "Trusty" and headed for town in Mrs Brew's convertible. I left the top up, wore long pants, a heavy cotton rugby shirt, and a light jacket...cuz I'm sane and sensitive.

My first stop was on the way down to the shore of Lake Huron behind the Credit Union perched on the edge of Thunder Bay River. Saw some swans, ducks, and Canadian geese.


Hey! Come back! What'd I say? Is it my breath? My humanity?


Sometimes Canadians stand their ground. This one did...for a while...probably cuz I'm at least as stealthy as a mongoose, and have a friendly face.


Let's check out some Swans, Ducks, and Canadian geese, all in close proximity. Careful, this picture is a video.

Before we leave this spot, want to show you that bridge I've shown several times before...this time from a distance. I really like this shot.


This one too. The bare birches intermixed with the evergreens as the snow and ice recedes. That's just good race relations if you ask me. See the little fishing platform? "It's mine!" :-)


 One more from this spot facing the other direction. Can you smell that evergreen up close? So can I.


Just knew there would be some fishermen out by the dam, which is halfway between where the swans and other poultry were, and the Lake Huron shore. Sure enough, there were. Recognize any of these guys?


Ok. How 'bout now? The one in the middle looks very familiar. Like my friend, Alex.


 Down to the bay! You can sit right here while I walk around and snap some stuff.




These leafless things are the three big brothers. Nobody calls them that 'cept me, far as I know. The outdoor amphitheater is out of the picture over to the right. Mrs Brew and I saw Chris Rice there a few years ago. He was singin' 'bout Jesus.


The hill behind this lady bug is where people sit to watch concerts at the outdoor theatermabob. Folks call it the bandshell. In the latter Spring and Summer, Protestant church services are held there on Sunday mornings. This particular lady bug is one of the biggest ones I've seen. She's waiting for some kid passengers, I think.


 Want you to notice the little sheets of ice. This happens when the surface ice thins, breaks up, and gets pushed up on shore, one piece atop the other.


Spring weather is still a little ways off.


Not sure why I like this one so much. Maybe it's the very simple yet multiple elements in it. Grass, rocks, snow, lake, and sky. I took a knee to take it.


Gotta get some sun sparkles in here.


After taking that picture above, I wanted you to be able to watch it move and hear the sounds. It's more windy here at the shore, and if you listen closely, you can hear the clinking and tinkling of the ice. Go full screen with it, and turn up your volume if you need to.

Has anyone told you lately what nice company you are? If you promise not to blush I'll do that right now.

I can see and hear you even when you're not here. Can hear and see you even when I'm not here...and though your numbers can be counted before a minute pass by...I treasure each moment, each "Good morning!", and each "Hi!".

Thank you for sharing your time with me. That's valuable stuff ♥

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