3-17-17 8:00 PM EST: Well, we've already got two threads Saint Patrick's Day related, and last night several of us payed tribute to Irish themes, Irish music, Irish movies...heck, a few of us (and there's always just a few of us) figuratively "Kissed the Blarney Stone". I find myself kissin' that rascal several times a week!


But as I was zipping up the road to town a few minutes ago, I heard this 39 year old song with a long introduction. Caught that introduction during the cowbell section too. It'll be the first one I post when I'm done kissin' that durn stone while flappin' my gums once more.


Saint Patrick's Day for me always signals that I've just turned another year older and have a new number assigned. So far it's 55. It's also a sign that Winter is considering giving up the ghost until next season.


I begin seeing flowing water again, the brown leaves I didn't get to the previous Fall, and the little red leaf buds punching each other on those big Maple trees. A thousand tiny clenched fists, duking it out in the wind till May, when they open and begin applauding their own efforts and deep green existence.


Each year Easter says, rise again, green and grow again. Build or rebuild nests. Take thought, take root, establish new firm foundations. Birth babies, smell daisies, and watch former toddlers fly to new nests of their own.

Makes me want to write a new little poem:

They remind you of you, and all that you've known
They started as sprouts, but my how they've grown!
You trust that you've given, from here and above
You wrapped but two presents
Called soft and tough love

Oh, there's others I guess, but these form the main
With laughter and memories, painted pleasures and pains
Yes, color galore, resplendent in hue
You gave some to them
Now they give back to you

So if you're still in the midst of Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, by all means. Irish it up! If you feel the need for classic rock and roll, crank it up and kick it in!

Here's that old classic rock song with the long cool intro...2, 3, 4!

And here's a very famous rock band who's also Irish.


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