3-16-17 7:00 PM EST: PM EST: Good evening, friends! I hope you've had a very nice and productive Saint Patrick's Eve, and may the luck of the Irish...and Scottish, be with you. I plan on posting a nice Saint Patrick's Day thread tomorrow.


First, here's President Trump's Remarks at the St. Patrick’s Day Reception made a little after 6 PM EST today. Then some Mike Pence remarks too, who actually spoke right before Trump.


Ok, now let's run on down to the shores of Lake Huron and see how well the ice has receded. 

First we have some brown grass which will be bright green soon enough, with some sun sparkles out on the water.  This is probably the most mundane of the group. I was only down there for about 10 minutes or so, and as I often say, "It may be cold, but at least it's windy!"


Catch some falling stars and throw 'em in the water...save 'em for a real dry day.


A miniature replica of a frozen waterfall...with more sparkles!


This would be a good spot for the theme from Titanic. Am trusting the big ships will avoid these rascals.


Oh my! A burning bush! I never have a tablet when I need one!


Excuse me waiter! I'll have another round of ice please...on the rocks.


This is the frozen Niagara...from the American side...at low altitude.


Ahhh, was wondering how this would turn out. Half is inside the yacht club, the other half is out. The better half is back at home ♥


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