3-11-17 8:00 PM EST: Tonight we're going to focus on Gregorian chants. Just post all your favorites. Naa, that won't work. Oooh! How about songs containing the word, cornucopia? Shoot! That probably won't fly either, so let's leave that on the table.


I know! Music that when played backwards clearly says, make me a sammich! If only YouTube had a backward playing mechanism to it. It does have a mechanism that allows you to play a song in continuous loop though, so there's that.

Well, the temp won't be back above freezing until Thursday. Had another inch of snow today and should get another 1-3 on Monday. March jerks us around like this every year up here by the shores of Northern Lake Huron. 50F's last week, 10F's this week. Makes me look at that "F" in there and feel the need to wash my mind out with soap. Of course then I'd probably get soap poisoning, go blind, and have to walk around with a little cane and cup like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story". Besides, I do that last part already! At least I can see. Weeeeeee!


Instead of running my clock up an hour tonight or early tomorrow morning, I'd like to run it up a full month to mid-April, but then I'd miss my birfday! See, it's always somethin' dagnabbit!

On a positive note, our big mechanical clock on the wall will finally be accurate again. Have been doing the math for the last few months every time I look at it, cuz it's kind of a drag taking it down and resetting it. Let's see, what's 6:03 plus 1:00. Ahhh 7:03! Crap! Still don't have a song theme! How about songs with numbers in them? Clocks in them? Spring in them? Songs about throwing your back out again and trying to sit up straight without wincing?


Am just going to have to leave it up to you and hope some leaders will emerge amongst ye and blaze a trail into the unknown, even if it's one where the "K" is clearly pronounced. Could certainly use a knave with a knife right about now. I'd order him to carve me a category. See, this is whatchacall wrting six paragraphs about nothin' in particular. It's easily done, like driving a car without an engine. You just sit there and turn the wheel back and forth while whistling a tepid tune. Hey! There's one! Tepid tunes! You don't hate 'em, but you don't love 'em either!


Play whatever you'd like. Just crank it up! :-)


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