1-10-15 7:00 PM EST: I've always loved America. It has a such a nice ring to it, whether that ring be sounded from liberty's bell or a one room schoolhouse. Love the sounds of America. Love saying it and singing it, prefaced by spacious skies, amber waves, and chased with God's grace on thee.


America was a place for all the lonely people, thinking their lives had passed them by. The kind who didn't give up until they drank from the silver cup.

The kind who wanted to live what they were born with but couldn't express in the old country without at least some of the king's horses and some of the Kings men smashing them to the point where they couldn't be put back together again. People neither humpty nor dumpty.

No doubt the King's horses had names. In America though, thousands of horses and men ran wild and free. Every man had a name, and many chose a horse with no name, and gave it one.

They realized that with freedom, the bountiful land, and opportunity, they could do magic, and did. Why, they could even pick a daisy and call it Daisy Jane if they wanted...even compare entire fields of daisies, to sister's golden hair.

America was a little like OZ, written about by an American at the tail end of the 19th century. A land that never did give nothin' to the tin man, that he didn't already have. You see, it took heart just to make the decision, make the trip, and make the effort to live free.

I should be shoving off now myself. Can anyone direct me to Ventura Highway?

Here are some songs of America's, listed in the order in which they appear above. Be my missive ever so corny, the land we all love is covered in that stuff, and there's no place like home.







I like easy listening music the best. Music with lots of acoustic guitar. Even the harder rock bands have those songs, which when played to live audiences, induce people to hold up lighters and sway back and forth.

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