Something to Say, Show, and Eat? Yup! And Beam Me Up!

Something to Say, Show, and Eat? Yup! And Beam Me Up!

Good evening, friends. I want to do something I haven’t done in a while, and that’s simply post a new thread, since I’ve got a little time to spare.

This past week has been fiendishly cold up here in North Michigan. Restaurants have finally been allowed to open again. That began on February 1st, but at only 25% capacity. I haven’t been to one yet though. Don’t typically do that by myself, but most definitely will make up for it when I go see Tanya for a few days surrounding my birthday next month.

I have been doing a lot of cooking at home, and really enjoying that rotisserie feature on the new air fryer. Last night I cut a pork loin in half and cooked that with it. Below is what it looked like before the cooking began.

Next is how it looked after cooking and slicing.

That picture is a bit on the blurry side, but, Wow!, delicious!

I have an appt to get my first Covid vaccination tomorrow morning, but after careful consideration, I think I’m going to skip it. Besides, pretty much all of the people I work with have been getting theirs, and two of the people I work with have already tested positive and beaten the virus without it, and I’m much more healthy (and younger) than they. So, c’est la vie!

The left is continuing their four year running rampage against Trump and his supporters, and painting anyone who doesn’t boisterously condemn him, with a broad brush.


Here are some other political cartoons from the past week.
And finally…
Devil spawn.
Have a great Thursday evening, and even better weekend. It’s a long work weekend for me ♥
Trump’s Last Rally or the First of Many to Come?

Trump’s Last Rally or the First of Many to Come?

It’s got to be tough when you know with every head to foot molecule that there’s no way Biden won this election fairly. On the other side, as Biden, how could you take the presidential oath knowing the same thing?

Nonetheless, Trump is stumping tonight for the two Senate hopefuls in Georgia in order to keep the senate in sane hands, even though cheating will no doubt be rampant as ever. But you know he’s going to be giving folks an earful! The live stream is below and should start around 7 PM ET.


The Reason, Season, and Last Three Letters of Both. Son! Friday Music!

The Reason, Season, and Last Three Letters of Both. Son! Friday Music!

We know what evil is because we have the ultimate example of good. Those who believe people could be good without God and His Word, (and even don’t believe he exists at all, in either form), don’t realize or understand that He is the delineation. That their very concepts of good and evil sprang from Him and still flows from said spring. Anyone’s concept of good vs evil or right vs wrong, cannot exist without Him.

Of course, we know that nothing at all could or would exist without Him. It’s just the way it is. Nothing else makes sense, and probably for the same reason, i.e., because He is, and continues to be.

We’ve seen much evil and blatant hypocrisy this year, but we see that every year. It’s just that evil appears no longer willing to hide. It demands to be mainstream, out in front, upstage, with top billing, lead status, and in your face loud and forceful!

Ah, so they’ve achieved some of that, but are still rejected by most. They’ve had to ‘over-the-top’ cheat just to achieve the possibility of some perceiving a shadow of that. Their gains are farce, fake, fanciful, false, and counterfeit. Blatantly desperate too.

Christmas is none of those things. It is real, fact, true, and evident, and why every year needs Christmas and always must have it. Christmas does it’s part to remind, and spur remembrance. It embraces us before we wrap around it, but while Christmas is surely an “it”, it is most purely a “Him”. A Him, and many hymns.

It’s Friday, and that time of year. How about a thread with music, etc. about who and why Christmas is. We know the who and the why, which is why so many have written, played, sang, and performed for both. The reason, the season, and those last three letters of both…The Son.




Thankful and Grateful. Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Thankful and Grateful. Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Hi! It’s been a while. Nine days of vacation and a couple more to catch up on work etc. after my return. I’m sorry about that. What a good time amidst upheaval and widespread disappointment though. I wonder if anyone on the right or left believes this was an honest election. The left doesn’t care though, and will take what power they can by hook or crook. For me, there’s just no way Biden or some of those other democrats won, especially the Senator in Michigan who kept his seat against John James. They definitely did not let the covid crisis go to waste did they?

But now the holiday season is upon us. First comes Thanksgiving, and regardless of what’s going on in politics I have many things to be thankful for, excluding that, and so do you, even if there’s sadness and righteous indignation mixed in with some of it.

I hope you’ll be thankful and grateful. This is how someone put it in a psychiatric article I read today: “The Oxford Dictionary defines the word grateful as ‘showing an appreciation of kindness’ This is where the difference lies; being thankful is a feeling, and being grateful is an action.” Interesting, huh? Had not considered the two words in that exact way, which is why I looked up, “the difference between thankful and grateful”, and found the article.

I’ll be at my youngest daughter’s house today for Thanksgiving. Her husband, my son, and grandson will be there too. I love all of those people, and will feel thankful and act grateful, both with sincerity.

Ours is a rich tradition of Thanksgiving in this country, and one of those is food in abundance, on tens of millions of tables the same day. This year, however, the typical abundance of family members will be missing at most of those tables. Our immediate family has a video get-together in addition to the physical gathering of some of us.

Happy Thanksgiving and the kick-off to this year’s holy holiday season.




Ted Cruz Gets Chilling Grilling Facetime with Head of Twitter. Watch!

Ted Cruz Gets Chilling Grilling Facetime with Head of Twitter. Watch!

Today Ted Cruz grilled Jack Whatshisname, the head of Twitter, on silencing the New York Post, as well as anyone attempting to share the story they reported on Joe, Hunter, and other members of the Biden family. The story was about corruption and the selling of access to Joe Biden. You know, millions of dollars for mere introductions, potential policy changes for China, Ukraine, and others, etc.

The media, much like Twitter and others, are not only giving Joe Biden a pass on this well-documented scandal, (which apparently only Fox News has been following up on), but are actively protecting him under their powerful left wings. Were those media outlets trying to fly, it would be limited to circles due to the singular wing they wield.

Here’s Senator Ted Cruz, and Twitter’s Jack Whatshisname.

And here’s the Tony Bobulinski interview Tucker aired last night.

Trump Rally in West Salem Wisconsin…10-27-20 Live Stream!

Trump Rally in West Salem Wisconsin…10-27-20 Live Stream!

Well friends, Trump is outworking and smarting Biden with equity of every sort, including sweat equity. The other kinds include manifold results which you know, and he’ll certainly remind you of here this evening.

I shudder to consider a Democrat takeover of either the Senate or the Presidency, so I’ll just vote myself and have faith that tens of millions of others will vote the same way.

You can watch this evening’s rally in Wisconsin, and if you miss it live and still want to see it, you can start it from the beginning.