The year opened full of promise, and everyone called it 2020. Winter was just kicking into high gear with low temps, especially up here where I live. Then, right after my birthday in mid March, the word ‘lockdown’ was popularized, but has been anything but popular ever since, at least with people who weren’t also Democrats or Democrat Governors. ‘Democrat’…you know, that party which lives to control and suppress, which means “forcibly put an end to”.

So, for the rest of 2020, what did they forcibly put an end to? Well, for one thing, socialization, that thing they say homeschooling lacks. At that point, when they shut down public schools, public schooling lacked in every area, rather than merely most of them.

In other areas, we could eat on an airplane one foot from another person but not at a restaurant 8 feet from another one. Am not even going to ask the rhetorical question: Does that make sense?

You could go to WalMart and share that space with 1,000 others but not to McDonald’s to share that one with 20 others? “Essential workers” were singled out as more important, or as that guy who wrote Animal Farm would term, “more equal” than others. They could keep their jobs while waiters, waitresses, beauticians, small shop sales clerks, etc. were termed, expendable and unemployed. People residing in nursing homes were in short order, termed, deceased. Apparently they became the least essential of all.

Dear 2020, you sucked in sooo many ways, but some good things happened during you too, and most of us can name several good things that happened to them during the last 12 months, because no metaphoric bucket is ever bone dry, even when it has 2020 affixed to it.

We bid thee adieu, you predominantly foul year, and yearn to breathe unobstructed air. We want our lives back and are determined to have them.

Dear 2021, if you would be so kind as to help facilitate that, we’d truly appreciate it.