Memorial Day is next Monday but Prager got an early start today with the following video. The theme is rememberance of course, and the military men and women who have always stepped up to do what needed doing.

This year might not be filled with the usual family gatherings and activities, but most of us are confident that they soon will, and with enthusiasm.

During this lockdown time I couldn’t help but think about all of those who had recently been given diagnoses such as “You have only 3-6 months left”, to then be faced with this Covid calamity within days of their own personal diagnosis. With only months left they were also faced with months of lockdown. How horrible would that be? We should all be grateful for the health we have, and the prospect of many years ahead.

Our nation’s fighters/defenders often went into battle with the prospect of mere minutes of life ahead. Awe inspiring, sad, cause to pause, and give thanks for so many things, and for so many of them.