Independence. Our nation’s founding. It’s Declaration, Constitution, and those lofty ideals and guarantees enshrined within. Americans all over the world will be celebrating these things. Non-Americans with dreams of becoming such will continue dreaming and yearning to discover America for themselves.

Will uneducated and ill-educated rabble be able to tear down and remake America into something unrecognizable? No, and they plainly don’t recognize the self-destructing stupidity of their goals.

They don’t see how good they have it. How good they could have it, or how well the rest of us will have it. The American dream cannot be toppled or burnt down. It’s made of sterner stuff than statues and buildings. You can feel it, read about it, aspire to it, and achieve it. You can’t destroy it. It’s existence is independent of foolishness. It allows as much, but embraces and embodies wisdom and uncommon intelligence.


Most Americans are pursuing happiness rather than spreading anger. They prefer building not burning. It’s high time the malpractice continuing in the halls of education be beaten back. Indeed, it’s already beating itself back. The seeds sown there have produced a human harvest… a poison crop of crap.

Flags will keep waving, dreams will keep motivating, and bad ideas will self-consume, burning themselves out. America, like this weekend’s fireworks, is “going to reach for the sky, way up high”. If America were a female singer, she might sing something like this.

And here’s a link to tonight’s message from President Trump at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Click here to watch at 10 PM ET.