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The reason we started PolitiBrew is that due to relatively new government regulations we could no longer keep our 15 year old business open because we could no longer sell the products we had been selling. In addition to that, for the past several years, my wife and I have been very active in conservative politics, and have posted tens of thousands of times on various sites around the internet. We've just always felt a calling to speak our minds. PolitiBrew is an extension of that calling.
Many of you out there have experienced hardships just as we have. You've been forced to close the businesses you've worked so very hard to build. Businesses you thought you'd be able to leave to your kids. Businesses you thought would carry you into retirement and beyond. It might be that you were laid off by the company you'd dedicated a large portion of your life to, helping it succeed. Both scenarios have been all too commonplace these last few years.
So, what does one do when stuck and struck like that? Come on in and tell your story or make a comment. We can debate, lament, and maybe even relearn to laugh. We can hash out our similarities and differences too. Don't really care which side of the political spectrum you lean toward or occupy. Let's talk a bit. Engage in civil debate. That's a start. Common problems, common ground. Where opinions differ, there must still be common ground. Let's either find it, fight it, or forget it.
If you see something, say something. If you see nothing, at least proclaim that blindness and perhaps some philosophical optometrist will lend you his or her eyepiece. Thanks for lending an ear. Your prayers and store purchases are greatly appreciated too.

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